Mission Trip 2019

                                                           Mission Trip 2019 Day 4

Our week is flying by and projects are going well. There are still some sore muscles and a few mosquito bites. Banana pancakes and eggs cooked on the griddle were served for breakfast. The banana pancakes were a hit. After breakfast the teams were divided a bit and we were able to start an extra painting project as two of the teams expected to finish today.

Dave's team had some deck and railing reinforcement to complete and finished up by power washing the original deck . They said goodbye to the homeowner who was very appreciative and thanked us.

Lonnie's outside team had some log splitting and stacking and one deck to power wash. His inside team had finished the work of washing windows and screens on Tuesday. They had two log splitters going most of the time. One log was split that housed an large ant colony That splitter was temporarily abandoned while the ants dispersed a bit. The huge pile of logs became smaller and smaller until only one log was left to split. Everyone was anxiously waiting and watching for the final split. As the splitter came down it wedged in the log as the engine ran out of gas. A collective groan was heard. The tank was filled and the log was split. The last load was stacked. Tools, chain saws and log splitters were loaded. A group photo was taken and we headed back to to get ready for supper.

Josh's wheelchair ramp team is done with the deck portion and will begin the ramp on Thursday morning. The extra painting project is in the same mobile home park and the wheelchair and began today.

Monie's team is almost done at the parsonage. Several items were carried out of the basement before the teams left today. The parsonage is looking good.

Dinner was pizza and Caesar salad provided by Jim & Kathy Raivala. After dinner Beth led some singing and a devotion on Psalm 46. We were asked to reflect on the verses and write a poem or draw a picture of what the verses is Psalm 46 meant to us while she played guitar quietly in the background.

Showers were taken and we headed off to the Feed My Starving Children facility in Coon Rapids for a food packing event. We along with one other group that was there packed over 14,000 meals and had a lot of fun doing so.

The caravan returned to church for some games and then off to bed.


Mission Trip 2019 Day 3


It's Tuesday and the projects are in full swing. Many of us are sore from using muscle groups we usually don't. For some reason, people seems to sleep later this morning. We broke out the griddle and cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. The Psalm for today was Psalm 63:1-8. We received an unexpected blessing from Princeton Rental when we returned the cement mixer and two-man auger. The owner gave us a 50% discount on the auger rental saving us $45.00 because we were a church group.

We were hoping for another nice day without rain. It didn't exactly work out that way. We weren't officially rained out however we did get wet and worked through it. The teams made significant progress. Lonnie's team finished their chain saw work and has about one more day of log splitting. Josh's team finished up a long day on Monday and finished the cement footings so they were ready to begin the deck and wheelchair ramp today. Monie's team is almost finished cleaning the parsonage. Dave's team finished the new deck portion and only has to reinforce the railings and power wash the deck that was not replaced. We had planned to meet for dinner at Birch Lake Camp for a cookout and some lake activities this evening. It was decided early in the day to change plans as it wasn't swimming and boating weather. We decided to meet back at church for dinner and a game night. We ate hot dogs and franks donated by Elk River Meats. Norine Bell was our dinner host. Chris Lenz made bars and cookies for dessert. A number of people went to the YMCA to shower after dinner. Games began and lasted for several hours.

Tomorrow we begin early again.

Thank you Lord for the many blessings you provided today!


Mission Trip 2019 Day 2

Day 2 started with a big breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs and sausage cooked on the churches outdoor griddle. Everyone ate their fill. Chris led us in prayer as we prepared to leave for the day. The four teams gathered gathered tools, made lunches (except for Dave's team-the homeowner insisted on feeding those working on her project), conducted safety training and headed off to work. The wheelchair ramp project was delayed as the utilities hadn't been marked as of Sunday. We didn't want to dig holes for footings only to cut a electric, gas or telephone line. Some of that crew was diverted to Lonnie and Dave's team until we received the green light to proceed. When Chris and Josh arrived at the wheelchair ramp site in Corcoran they found that the utilities had indeed been marked. Dave left his project which is north of Elk River to go to Princeton Rental to pick up the auger and cement mixer and bring them to Emmanuel. He met Josh, who is the team leader on the wheelchair ramp site at the church. Josh returned to his project along the team members that were reassigned earlier in the day.

Dinner was hosted by the Bell's out on the patio at their home. Smoked chicken, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, strawberry shortcake. What a feast! Each group gave a progress report on their project. It was great food, fellowship and games. We closed with a devotion and worship music led by Beth, our DCE Intern. Most of the group headed to the YMCA for showers before they closed. The YMCA has graciously offered to allow us to use the showers again this year.

Today was a little chaotic as day 1 can be and God was definitely good to us.

More tomorrow.

Mission Trip 2019 Day 1


Day 1 was Sunday, June 10th. We are at home this year in our three year cycle for Hope For The Heartland. We began to gather at the church after 3:30. We have volunteers from New Jersey, Iowa and Minnesota this year. Our first meal was a fantastic spaghetti dinner courtesy of Paul and Norene Bell. Air mattresses were inflated and people staked out their sleeping area. It was a fun night of fellowship and some last minute planning. Tomorrow the work starts.