March 2019

Celebrating 100 Years     1918-2018

“God With Us”

March 2019

The Secret of Becoming a Real Man

A few weeks ago – Myself, Bill, Jon, and Noah attended a men’s retreat at Lutheran Island Camp – It was pretty amazing – and the things we learned from God’s Word about becoming a “Real Man” was both eye opening and refreshing.

This was also the topic of a devotion by Ron Hutchcraft that I received several months back.  Let me share some of his insights with you.

A lot of us men have been raised on a messed up idea of what really makes you a man. Guys of all ages seem to think that it is conquest that makes you a real man: sexual conquest, athletic conquest, financial conquest, business conquest. So many men define their worth, their success, and their masculinity by whether or not they are conquering - conquistadores!

Virtually every guy has been told at some point in his life, "Be a man!" But by whose definition? Is it your biceps that make you a man, your bank account, your bedroom exploits, being the boss? If you want to know what manhood is really all about, consult the Inventor of manhood. That would be God. If you go by His definition, you get Designer Manhood, and that is the real thing.

And guess what? It is all about conquest, but in a very different arena than most of us were ever taught. In Proverbs 16:32 we read, "Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city." You say, "Hey, look at these trophies. Look at all the victories I've won. Look, I conquered this whole city!" God isn't impressed. He says, "Oh, yeah? How are you doing with your temper? Are you really patient?" 

Here's the surprising secret of a truly powerful man: he is conquering himself! Not a woman, not an opponent, not a competitor, but himself! He's a thermostat who sets a healthy temperature everywhere he goes, not a thermometer who just keeps changing his temperature based on his surroundings.

What's it mean to be a man who is conquering himself? Well, a powerful man conquers his mouth. He eliminates the trash talk, the angry words, the critical words, the hurting words. He knows the power of his words and he controls those destructive words and specializes in encouraging words. 

A powerful man also conquers his passions, focusing all his desire on his wife exclusively. Or, if he's single, keeping his relationships pure and his body reserved for his life partner. A powerful man also conquers his coldness. He shows his love. He expresses his love so he doesn't leave a lonely son or a frustrated wife or daughter or a mother who don't know where they stand.

Another conquest that displays real manhood is conquering your hardness; that unwillingness to ever admit you're wrong or that you're hurting. A powerful man is also a conqueror of his neglect; his failure to spend the time with the people who love him, the time they so desperately need. And, bottom line, a truly powerful man conquers his selfishness - his tendency to want everyone to revolve around him.

Many a man has found out he cannot be that kind of a man. The Apostle Paul said at one time, "The things I want to do, I don't do. And the things I ought to do, I don't." He said, "Why is it that I cannot get free of this darkness inside of me?" And then he said, "Thanks be to God, a rescue has come in Jesus Christ."

I can say as a man, and I can say on behalf of many men I've met, that they never could have become the man they wanted to be and everyone they loved needed them to be until they surrendered to Jesus Christ, who died for their sins.

Designer manhood is all about conquest. It's about conquering yourself, but no man can do it alone, no matter how self-sufficient he thinks he is. A man finds the power to conquer himself when he has finally been conquered by the power and the love of Jesus Christ.

Yours In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Terry Grzybowski



Member Update Information

No changes

  Parish Planning Council (PPC) Meeting

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Present: Dave J., Pastor Terry G., Jon R., Arlon F., John N., Jean C., George V., Monie D., Beth W. 

Meeting started at 7:03 pm led by PPC President Dave

Opening devotion led by Pastor with the theme: Signs of Light

Secretary’s Report:  Draft Minutes from the November 15, 2018 meeting taken by Chuck L. were distributed and reviewed. John N. moved to approve the minutes as printed. The motion was seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jean C. led a review of the reports through January 16, 2019 and the reports for all of 2018. The Checking Account balance is $28,590.09. The Savings Account balance is $102,806.42. The Curt Buck LCEF Fund balance is $112,875.81, which includes $57,733.51 Seminary Fund. The Moyer LCEF fund balance is $71,423.25. It was suggested to separate the personnel expenses to their own category. This would include all of the expense accounts from the Voters section except for 16-120 Missions-10% of Sunday Offering, 16-121 Circuit Forum, and 16-122 Missions-Local-Great River Family Promise. These three accounts will be under a new heading called Missions. Also under the Personnel section will be the Preschool salary related accounts. The only Preschool account remaining under Preschool is 16-812 Preschool Supplies. Jean will adjust these account titles. John N. moved to approve the treasurer’s report. The motion was seconded and approved.

Board Reports

Preschool:  Cheryl’s report was distributed and reviewed. A new student started on January 2, 2019. One student is no longer attending due to job changes for the parents. The open house will be on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. Ten children will be registered prior to the open house.

Elders:  George V. gave the Elders’ Report by reviewing the minutes of the December and January meetings. George noted that Bob White was nominated as an Elder at the Voters’ meeting. The Acolyte schedule will be renewed. Three former Elders agreed to assist with Holy Communion. The opportunity to attend the Men’s Retreat at Lutheran Island Camp on February 15 through 17th has been posted. A contemporary blended worship service will be held on February 3rd at the 10:30 service. Elders agreed that Emmanuel should submit interest to call another DCE intern for the next term after Beth’s internship is complete.

Education:  Beth W. gave the report summarizing the Education Board activities. The first National Youth Gathering meeting will be held on July 27. A fund-raiser to be held starting in February will be discussed. A new curriculum was chosen for Sunday School and the VBS program will be from CPH: The Miraculous Mission, Jesus Saves the World. VBS will be held from Sunday, July 21 through Thursday, July 25. Discussion was held to possibly have the Sunday School sponsor a World Vision child. They also discussed possibly having a multi-generational service event at Feed My Starving Children. Beth noted that she will be gone February 8-10 to Lutheran Island Camp for the Confirmation retreat, February 10-12th at Concordia St. Paul for internship mid-year training, and February 20-23rd at the Best Practices in Ministry Conference in Arizona. At the March PPC meeting, she will present on what she learned at the conference.

Stewardship:  Jeanette E. gave the report of the board’s activities. The offering envelopes have been distributed. They are going to purchase a stand for the confirmation pictures to be displayed. She has scheduled the responses to the Time and Talents surveys. We need to use this summary to determine who may be willing to assist in volunteer opportunities. Jeanette is hoping to put more specifics regarding needs for certain volunteer opportunities in the bulletins. There will be information added to the newsletter listing the attendance at Church, Bible studies, and Sunday School. Also included will be the weekly offering totals for envelopes and loose offerings. The monthly expenses will be listed and there will be a report of the special offerings for Lent through Easter. The Church Secretary, Robin, will compile the report with numbers from Jean, Beth, Dave, and Pastor. It was noted that the January numbers will be in the March newsletter, February numbers in April newsletter, etc. The old financial records will be put in the locked room in the basement. The visitor welcome package will start in the spring. Jeanette will put the total special offerings from 2018 in the newsletter. 

Trustees:  John N. summarized the information contained in his handout report. The City of Elk River’s inspector was happy to see that the 12 windows had been replaced on the parsonage, but would like to see the painting of the trim work done by the end of June 2019. The furnace and air conditioning units in the parsonage need to be replaced. The lower bid is for $5,360 and John will secure them to do the work. The boiler for the Church was replaced as it was malfunctioning. The ceiling tile will be repaired in the main sanctuary; the bid received was $1,275. The Young American Schools of Self Defense was approved to use the basement facility on Tuesday evenings from 5 to 6 pm during February, March, and April. Jean will procure the documents from them required by our insurance company. The new building custodian is Wendy B. and she is doing an excellent job. She requested a new vacuum cleaner and John will get one based on recommendations. John has estimates for 6 feet and 8 feet shelves in the shed. He will get the 8 feet high shelves and put them against the wall in the shed. There are some items in the closet by the front stairs that can be put on these shelves in the shed.




































































Parish Planning Council (PPC) Meeting Con't

Youth:  Monie reported that the Youth Advent supper made $131 and the Elders gave $107.25 from their Advent supper to the Youth. The youth checkbook balance is $10,740.12. The Valentine’s Dinner is February 10, 2019 and the garage sale will be May 3-4th

Pastor’s Report:  The pastor reviewed his December and January reports summarizing his activities during the past couple of months. There were Baptisms, funerals, Bible studies, devotions and worship services. Pastor has discussed a joint trip with Pastor Mably of Lord of Glory to the Ark Exhibit and Creation Science Museum in Kentucky. The best time to go would probably be in the summer, so it may be planned for the summer of 2020.

Old Business:  Karena L. reported that Monie is in training for the Financial Secretary position. It was noted that both the Financial Secretary and the Youth Boards are elected positions. Therefore, Monie would have to resign from the Youth Board per the requirements of our constitution. 

New Business:  Jean C. received a form from Sherburne County regarding the Parsonage use which is due on February 1, 2019. John will review the document and determine how to complete it. 

Jean noted that the Preschool fundraisers netted more funds than were spent for Preschool expenses. The additional money will be transferred to the Preschool savings account. 

It was discussed that maybe instead of offering statements being distributed quarterly, they could be distributed semi-annually. 

The communion liturgy was discussed. Maybe there could be a couple of pages that will only be handed out at the service when communion is served. Or we could have laminated communion liturgy sheets in the pews for use at the communion service. Another idea would be to put the page number of the communion liturgy from the hymnal in the bulletins and use the hymnal during the service. Pastor will see what he can work out with the program he uses for the bulletins.

A review of the financial records should be done annually. Arlon F. has done this in the past and is willing to do it again. He will discuss it with Stacy A. to see if she is willing to assist him. Stacy is on the list from the time and talents survey as being talented in accounting services.

Pastor led us in singing the hymn from the Prayer Page. Pastor led the ending prayer.

George V. moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and approved. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted by

Karena L., Acting Secretary


March 6 – Ash Wednesday Service, 7:00 pm

March 13, 20, 27 & April 3, 10 – Lenten Services, 7:00 pm

April 14 – Palm Sunday Services, 8:00 & 10:30 am

April 18 – Maundy Thursday Service, 7:00 pm

April 19 – Good Friday Service, 7:00 pm

April 21– Easter Services, 7:00 & 10:30 am

Guiding Hands Preschool

Our Open House/Carnival was held on Tuesday, February 5.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  I want to thank all the youth and church members who helped to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for the children and their families.  You are all greatly appreciated!

During the month of March we will focus on stories of Jesus as he helps, visits with friends and tells parables that we can learn from.  At the end of the month we will begin to learn of the journey Jesus took leading to the cross. 

We will be coloring placemats to use during our Lenten suppers. 

Please take the time to look and enjoy the children’s creations. 

The children have begun learning some new songs that we will be singing in May.  We are also singing a lot of our old songs.  The children really enjoy music of any kind.  We will be learning about some musical instruments and trying to make some to take home

                May God Bless,

                       Mrs. Cheryl

Updates from your Intern!

“Bethst Practices” for Ministry

At the close of February, I was blessed to go on an adventure to Phoenix, Arizona and participate in the Lutheran conference, Best Practices for Ministry! Unfortunately, while I was in Arizona the sun did not shine, but the light of authentic church workers doing their best to help each other grow closer to Jesus and reach out further with His love shone brightly through the rainy conference. While there I got to dig in to topics such as directing VBS, being intentional with Confirmation as discipleship, creating a growing youth group, better understanding Generation Z, working in effective teams, and asking the question “Is Stress Necessary?” I still cannot believe how much I learned in such a short three days at the conference site of Christ Church Lutheran. I had such trouble choosing which of the hundreds of options to choose from for the few sessions I got to attend, but at each one I knew God has placed me in the right place to learn about myself and how to best do ministry here at Emmanuel and where ever the Lord calls me to next. Please, please, please reach out to me if you want to talk about any of these topics. I am so excited to put some of these practices I learned into action in my life, in my ministry, and have a few of my own “Bethst Practices.”



















































































The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) will have Easter cards available.  Please purchase some to send.  Tell your loved ones, and anyone else, that Jesus Christ is risen!  Hallelujah!  Also

remember, that any cards you choose to recycle can be put into the box at church.



 All Women Are Invited!

LWML provides a monthly gathering and fellowship opportunity for women. Each month we'll examine topics provided by LWML which address issues relevant to women of today.

Need to feel refreshed and strengthened in your faith?

Then come to one of our meetings. We would love to see you there!

As we enter another Lenten season, this article from the Portals of Prayer came to mind.  It is from Nov. 18.

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins."

1 John 1:9

No Recycling Here

Have you ever replayed in your mind a scene where someone wronged you?  You can't seem to forget what was said or done.  Or maybe it's something shameful you have done that just keeps playing over and over in your mind.  This kind of ugly recycling we can do without!

We are thankful that God does not replay our past sins when we repent and ask for His forgiveness.  The prophet Jeremiah talks about the new covenant we have through Christ.  Because of Jesus, God says, "I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more" (Jeremiah 31:34).    God's Word tells us that He removes our transgressions "as far as the east is from the west" (Psalm 103:12).

Jesus took all of our ugly, disgusting sins upon Himself at His crucifixion.  He suffered the consequences.  He died the death we should have.  Because Christ stands in our place, God the Father, the great Lord of the universe, sees only a forgiven sinner.  He sees only the righteousness of Christ.  He has given us a way to end the recycling of our past and to look forward to "the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 3:14).

We pray:  Gracious Father, in repentance I ask forgiveness for those sins I have been holding on to.  Thank you for Your merciful love.  Amen

Our next meetings:

Afternoon Group:  Thurs., Mar. 7 at 1 PM at Guardian Angels Nursing Home

Evening Group:  Mon., Mar. 11 at 6:30 PM at church - Nancy G. is hostess

Ground Hog Feast Update

We are so blessed to have people who were able to support our LWML by coming to the Feast.  We had groundhogs popping out of cupcakes and a delicious Bundt cake. There were gluten free alternatives for those that needed it.  People could sit on the 'winter' or 'spring' side of the room.  Our woodland scene kept watch over everyone who ate and then stayed to socialize. Even though we had crafts for kids, the few children we had chose to see the movie.  Wehad about 38 adults.  The Elk River Star News came and published a picture of our movie, "Groundhog Day".  It was a nice write up for our 4th Annual Event.  We are pleased that we were able to give more this year to Open Doors for Youth and to ABBA Crisis Pregnancy Center.  We look forward to next year being even better!  Thanks again to everyone who came.  Remember, together we make a difference!


On February 10th we held our annual Valentines Dinner with a silent auction and live entertainment.  We were very fortunate to have the Land of Lakes Choirboys share their love of music with us once again during the entertainment portion of the evening. 

We would like to take a moment to thank you (our congregation) supporting the dinner.  Your help continues to make our Mission efforts a reality.

In Christ’s Love,

Emmanuel Youth Group

Thank you from

Melinda and John

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and messages of hope.  We appreciate all of them.  Currently John is struggling with the side effects and interaction of some of the lung transplant medications that he is taking.  Please continue to pray for us.  Pray that John’s meds help him and not harm him.  Pray that I can be more patient and compassionate.  Thanks also for your prayers for our granddaughter Elaina, her husband Jake, and the baby girl that they are expecting in April.  Baby girl has made it safely this far.  Pray that she makes it safely into this world.  Help us all to accept God’s plan for us.  Thanks again.


3/5   Lori N.

3/10  Dale H.

3/15 Mark K.

3/18  Ken O.

3/21  Robert W.

3/22  Laurel B.

         Kathy O.

          Shelby A.

3/24  Claire R.

3/29   Kelly A.



3/6 George & Ramona V.  

3/24 Mark & Nicole K.