“But I suggest you stop judging events as either positive or negative. Rather, simply experience them and learn from them. Every event offers you lessons…without them, you would be stuck on a plateau.” - Robin S. Sharma

Easier said than done, Robin! It's instinctive to label everything that happens in our day as positive or negative..."good" or "bad". I had a great night of sleep….good. Line to grab coffee in the morning was short…good. Uh oh, customer needs extra help....bad. Prospect emailed me back….good. Spouse cranky after work….bad. Sun is out….good. Your team loses….bad. On and on it goes.

We judge every single event that happens to us and as a result, our emotions ride a rollercoaster all day long that can lead to stress or acting in ways we regret. The funny thing is we don’t even know what really is good or bad!

Maybe the extra help the customer needs will pay off because they are satisfied and send a referral. Maybe if the line at the coffee shop was longer I would have had more time to talk to the person around me and learn something that changes my perspective for the better. You get the drift.

Instead of letting your first thought get the best of you, train your mind to always question what the “good” might be in a situation that you instinctively label “bad”. Every moment or event does not have to be “good”….just keep it from being “bad”. Your entire demeanor will change for the better!

Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”




In His Grip,

Pastor Terry Grzybowski